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About Us

About Us 2

Our Purpose & Mission

 We are honored & blessed to welcome you into the HiKee Essential Oil (HEO) Blends Family!   


We put our heart and soul into creating personalized, hand-crafted oil blends to ensure that you & your loved ones receive the finest quality of essential oils possible.  

We believe in the power of pure essential oils and offer a variety of methods for you

to apply them into your daily regimen for improvement of health overall, with a focus on autoimmune support and restoration.  Ensuring that we use oil organic materials in all of our products to ensure no irritation to those with fragrance sensitivities, nor any harm to infants or pets.

We make and consume all of the essential oil blends listed in our collection to ensure that your body falls in love with natural remedies the same way ours have. ​

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My Story

My Story 2

Finding Inspiration Through Experiencing Desperation

Hi New Tribe Fam!  My name is Roslyn (Ros) and I'm the founder and owner of HiKee.  Our natural movement is fully powered by God through the healing of plants by blending & using quality essential oils on a daily basis.  They've changed my life in so many ways, that I felt I needed to pay it forward to the world, however way possible.  

Many have asked why I named the company HiKee, and this is actually for several reasons; one, it was created from me greeting & speaking to my late father's picture in my kitchen, asking "Hi Keith, what should I name my company?"  His name was Hubert Keith by the way.  He was a motivating factor powering me to pursue this journey of entrepreneurship and believing in myself.  Another reason is for the high vibration of life that essential oils consist of, while also expressing my love for music.  Know that vibrations equal life, whether they be low or high.

My journey to today versus where I started was truly from a hopeless place of illness, trauma, and my path towards alternative healing. Aiming to naturally cure her autoimmune disease (at one point, I had both Graves & Hashimoto's Disease together!) was not possible according to all of the endocrinologists & specialists I'd seen from 2018 to present day.  The one thing they all had in common was that they each practiced Western Medicine and could not begin to think of the source of my disease and what brought it on, but had "treatments" that would cause my body permanent damage.  This was not an option for me.  I started looking for someone to provide education on how to alleviate stress, the health journey to essential oils were referred by a couple of specialists, but no direction as to what to do with them/why or how they work.  It was a quick realization that came over me that I would have to become that "someone" for myself, and for others.  I was able to reverse my thyroid conditions with changing my diet, managing stress more with appropriate exercise, and with the aid of applying pure essential oils to my body regularly, using the guidelines of reflexology.  Eastern practices saved my life.

After several attempts of trial & error, and researching literature and through personal application over the last 5 years, I'm humbled and honored to share the healing powers of our oil blends with you, our chosen family and loved ones.  I personally blend each of our oil products by hand to ensure the greatest amount of accuracy in production. 

As most are strapped for time, having to deal with the daily rush of everyday life, it's easy to cut corners and not leave adequate time available to invest in our health.  We remove the barriers by making these oils application ready to be used topically, right out of the box, and accessible to all at an affordable price.  Our oils can also last for years when stored properly.  

The reality that 80% of women will develop and autoimmune disease is alarming and devastating.  This issue is now also becoming more prevalent in men, with the decrease of testosterone skyrocketing each year due to plastics and other toxins.  What's worse is that not only that the food we eat has influence on this disease, but the toxins we absorb through our skin from artificial fragrances, sulfates and parabens through our bath & body products, laundry detergents and dryer sheets, candles, body sprays, and conventional department store perfumes, as they each contribute largely to the development of autoimmune disease... there's even toxins in most sanitary products like pads and tampons!  And NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS although it's negatively impacting more than half of the human race.  This is the "why" behind HiKee.  We are here to inform and educate all who are looking for healing (not treatment!) and prevention in their daily lives.  You can trust that our blends will only provide benefits and loving healing to you and your loved ones' bodies everyday, and always.

"I promise you that it's not just essential oils.  It's a movement.  It's a culture."

Much Love Always, Ros

HiKee's Promise


100% Organic Base Oils, Spray, and Diffuser Bases for Pure Healing


We Only Use Ethically  Sourced, Certified Organic Essential Oils

for the Best Results


All of Our Premium Oils & Carrier Bases Are Blended by Hand


Eco-Friendly. We Use Glass Over Plastic for 97% of Our Products


100% Effectiveness Guaranteed.  We Remake Your Oil Until It's Perfect for You

We take the time constraint away and blend essential oils according to your individual needs, as per your request with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. 

We will remake any oil blend that you have tried, but may not have worked for you.  This is how much we believe in HiKee and how beneficial our oils are for you.

Hikee is the absolute best! This company has exceptional products and would give them ten stars if I could! The owner Roslyn has a soul as pure as her oils! I use many of their products and have never been disappointed! Her blends are amazing and I get compliments every single time I'm wearing them! I have diffuser blends, roll on blends, and spray blends! Enlightenment is my favorite to wear, always gets noticed, and I receive flattering remarks from everyone; even strangers.

Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us 2

Coco Market Delray Beach, FL

Old School Square, Swinton Ave.

Every 1st Sunday of the Month

9am - 3pm

Mailing Address:

2413 Main Street, Box 124

Miramar, FL 33025

1 (954) 471-0781

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm
10am - 5pm
​Sunday: Closed

Friday, 7/26

Saturday, 7/27

Sunday, 8/4

Thursday, 8/22




Sunday, 9/1

Summer/Fall Schedule:

DDA Presents: Delray Walls Mural Fest (2-Day Event)

Delray Beach, FL

Old School Square -  4pm - 10pm Day 1)

DDA Presents: Delray Walls Mural Fest (2-Day Event)

Delray Beach, FL

Old School Square -  4pm - 10pm Day 2)

Coco Market Delray (Adult Summer Camp Edition!)

Delray Beach, FL

Old School Square -  9am - 2pm

Summer Soiree In The Garden

Boca Raton, FL

Skylar Furnishings -  5pm - 8pm

Coco Market Delray

Delray Beach, FL

Old School Square -  9am - 3pm


Vibe Gallery

Vibe Gallery 2

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